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Summer is here 🐚, what are you waiting for to take care of your skin with us?☀️
Summer is here 🐚, what are you waiting for to take care of your skin with us?☀️

Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak

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Original price €9,95
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Size: 100ml

Elevate your bath time routine to a new level of luxury with SBC Skincare's Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak. Formulated to ease tired muscles and a busy mind, this soak is the perfect way to unwind after a workout or a long day. The indulgent blend of Arnica, Sandalwood and Turmeric creates a soothing and stress-relieving experience for your mind and body. The sophisticated aroma will transport you to a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Use it in the bath for a relaxing soak or in the shower for a rejuvenating cleanse, suitable for all skin types. Create your own spa-at-home and let the feeling of calm wash over you with SBC Skincare’s Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak.



Product benefits:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation and swelling.

  2. Analgesic (pain-relieving): reduces pain and discomfort.

  3. Antiseptic: helps prevent infection.

  4. Anti-bruising: reduces the appearance of bruises.

  5. Healing of soft tissue injuries: promotes healing of soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains and contusions.

Please be aware product componentry including bottles, caps and pumps may vary.