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KIT Advanced Hyaluronic

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Elevate your skincare routine to the next level with the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid. The Advanced Hyaluronic kit, offers you a complete solution for deeply hydrated and radiant skin.

This kit includes two essential products to maximize your skin hydration: the Hyaluronic Acid Mist, a refreshing spray that you can apply throughout the day for instant and revitalizing hydration, perfect for all skin types; and the Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate, a gel concentrate that provides deep hydration, improving skin elasticity and texture from the first application.

Imagine your skin feeling fresh and full, becoming softer, more elastic, and luminous every day.

With regular application of this two products, hyaluronic acid works by retaining moisture, filling in fine lines, and providing a barrier against external agents. This duo is the secret to visibly rejuvenated skin and a complexion that radiates health from within.

Don't wait any longer to discover the transformative impact of hyaluronic acid on your skin. Add SBC Skincare's Advanced Hyaluronic kit to your shopping cart and start enjoying superior hydration and visibly younger-looking skin. Click here to buy and take the step towards perfectly hydrated and rejuvenated skin. Your skin will thank you!


Product benefits:

  • Deep and Revitalizing Hydration: The Hyaluronic Acid Mist provides instant and revitalizing hydration throughout the day, leaving the skin fresh and radiant.

  • Intense Hydration and Improved Elasticity: The Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate offers deep hydration that improves skin elasticity and texture from the first application.

  • Fine Line Filling and Protective Barrier: The hyaluronic acid formula helps fill in fine lines and provides a protective barrier against external agents, keeping the skin hydrated and protected.

  • Visible Rejuvenation and Radiant Skin: With regular use, hyaluronic acid contributes to visibly rejuvenated, smooth, elastic, and luminous skin, revealing a complexion that radiates health and vitality.

Please be aware product componentry including bottles, caps and pumps may vary.